Zombie Hour Tabletop Board Game

Zombie Hour is a tabletop game of zombie survival horror. The authors write:

What separates us from the zombies?

Something stronger than a heavy steel door.

It is what’s in our hearts that elevates us above them.

But when our hearts race, chests tighten, and breaths come hard, our humanity becomes a liability. Exhaustion and the ravages of time wear us down, while leaving them untouched, narrowing the gap between us and them. Ultimately we will fall within their grasp, be pulled down, and join them.

Zombie Hour is a print and play tabletop action-adventure game of survival. It is a real time tactical miniatures game with a resource allocation element–that resource is your life’s breath.

Having vitality and being able to choose how to use it is what sets you apart from the zombies. But living is both an advantage and a weakness. Conserve, expend, and recover your energy as you race against the clock, struggle against the rising tide of undead, and search for supplies to keep humanity going.

Find out what’s in your heart…

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