Men At Arms Medieval Wargaming Rules

Men at Arms is a set of one-brain-cell rules from the fertile brain of Jim Wallman. Jim writes:

These are rules for playing a wargame with toy soldiers. It is intended for several players – say 4 or more. Players control significant leaders – the key lords or knights, who in turn have contingents of fighters under them. Why �One Brain Cell�? Well, many sets of wargame rules these days are horrendously complicated, with big thick rule books to read, dozens of additional books to get (at unreasonable expense) and exceptionally complicated rule mechanisms that take ages to work out. My brain is too simple for this, so I tend to write rules that one require a single brain cell to use and understand. This tends to make games easy to learn and play, and, amazingly, are just as much fun as the dense and complicated game rules for which you have to pay a King�s ransom. Odd, isn�t it?

Wargaming the Siege of Minas Tirith

The Siege of Minas Tirith is one of the epic battles in literary history. Here’s an entire page dedicated to gaming Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings battle, including photos, terrain suggestions and rules. It’s a major work.

Great War Spearhead Scenario Generation System

If you’re out of game ideas, here’s a scenario generator for Spearhead: Great War.

Stalker: Oblivion Lost Miniature Wargames Rules

Reader Dentatus offers a set of miniatures rules based on the Stalker: Oblivion Lost computer game.

He writes:

Stalker: Oblivion Lost is designed to be skirmish game for 28mm set in a science fiction/post apocalyptic setting. While players will command multiple troops, the focus is more on individual figures, equipment and abilities, than large scale combined arms battles. Thus the detail level is greater and games will emphasize combat more at the sharp and bitter end amidst the grime of blasted rubble and twisted steel than a detached God�s eye view of an entire war zone. 10 � 15 figures per side is the maximum suggested force size.


Make A Gothic Water Tower

Iron Hands has a tutorial on making a watertower with a gothic look. It’d be perfect for Necromunda, Warhammer 40K or Warmachine.