En Avant Napoleonic Wargames Rules

En Avant is one of Jim Wallman’s “One Brain Cell” rules, this time for Napoleonic warfare. It allows you to conduct a brigade sized engagement in about 20 minutes using 25mm – 28mm figures. Just scroll down to find the links.

Pacific Storm Island Hopping Game

Pacific Storm is a one-page hex and counter board wargame that simulates the island hopping campaigns of WWII.

Making A Fuel Depot

Terragenesis has a tutorial on making a nice looking fuel depot from the green floral foam.

I always knew there were wargames applications for that stuff.

Fine Tuning Fire and Fury

Here are a set of house rules for “fine tuning” Fire and Fury, the great American Civil War rules set.

I’m not sure I’m on board with all of these.

Ogre/GEV WW2

Here are some rules for using the Ogre/GEV rules for playing World War 2 games.