RPG Motivational Posters

You’ve seen those business “motivational” posters in the office supply stores. You know … the ones with a photo on a black background and some absurdly simplistic saying, like “Dedication: The Will To Keep Going.”

Here’s a site with a collection of RPG motivational posters.

Crazy Horse’s Fury Rules

The Perfect Captain Yahoo Group has a variant for their Red Actions game for the Indian Wars called Crazy Horse’s Fury.

Indian Wars Rules

Fred Diamond offers a free and simple set of miniatures rules for playing pony wars — US Cavalry vs Indians.

Tutorial On Using Amazing Mold Putty & Amazing Casting Resin

The Hawgleg site has a tutorial on using Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin to make models. The two products are available at stores like Hobby Lobby

Paper Model of An Elf Tower

I’m not at all sure what scale this free paper model of an elf tower is in. Its either a big 15mm or a small 25mm scale. In either case, it would be a nice addition to the table for a fantasy game.