Zombie Skirmish Rules

Table Top Titans have released Twilight, a set of free miniature wargaming rules for skirmishes in a zombie plagued world.

Total AR:SE Zombie Rules

Akula’s Rules: Skirmish Edition is a set of two page rules for use in zombie games.

Akulas Rules





Brains: The Hunger

Pictors Studio offers Brains: The Hunger, a simple set of rules to:

simulate skirmish combat between a group of college students (or high school football players, or whatever) who are partying in a zombie infested field (or woods, or cemetery) and the zombies that are infesting them.

RIght off the bat, I have to say that these rules are not really historical. Everyone knows that the infamous Zombie infestation of 1978 started in a Pittsburgh Mall, not in some field with teenagers. Geesh. What are they thinking? Haven’t they done their research. Next thing you know, they’ll be trying to sell us zombie figures without the wide lapel shirts.

Zombie Wars Boardgame

From Invisible City Games comes Zombie Wars, a free zombie board game. Zombie Wars: “Undead warfare between two to four rival zombie masters rages in the streets of Smallton´┐Ż”

Zombie Speed Painting Tutorial

The problem with Zombie games is that you need so darn many of the things. Painting them becomes a logistical nightmare. Here’s a tutorial on a zombie speed painting technique.