Stonk – Brigade Level WWII Rules

Stonk is a set of brigade level World War II rules, designed for 1/300 scale miniatures. The authors write:

This is a set of wargame rules intended to simulate actions between about one brigade equivalent a side, supported by divisional or even corps troops where they would have been available.

The basic philosophy of the rules can be summarised:

a. That morale and leadership are decisive factors in these battles
b. Logistics is a critical factor, even in the battalion battle and is too often overlooked,
c. Communications, command and control are very influential and central to conducting a battle
d. Planning – especially artillery fire planning is a vital part of the battle, and again is too often overlooked.
e. That technology is generally over-rated and minor differences between, say, tank types have been given too great a prominence in wargame rules. I have attempted to redress this.

En Avant Napoleonic Wargames Rules

En Avant is one of Jim Wallman’s “One Brain Cell” rules, this time for Napoleonic warfare. It allows you to conduct a brigade sized engagement in about 20 minutes using 25mm – 28mm figures. Just scroll down to find the links.

Brigade Commander Modern Rules

Andy Watkins offers a set of free wargames rules called Brigade Commander, for games set in Cold War Germany. Given the equipment used, I suppose it also would be useful for gaming some other scenarios in which the combatants have old NATO and Warsaw Pace equipment.

Republique Napoleonic Rules

The War Times Journal offers a set of free Napoleonics miniatures rules called Republique.

The War Times Journal also offers orders of battle for Jena-Auerstadt, Waterloo, Busaco, Wagram and Dresden.

WW2 Rules For Brigade Level Games

David Wareham offers a set of WW2 Rules For Brigade Level Games