Stonk – Brigade Level WWII Rules

Stonk is a set of brigade level World War II rules, designed for 1/300 scale miniatures. The authors write:

This is a set of wargame rules intended to simulate actions between about one brigade equivalent a side, supported by divisional or even corps troops where they would have been available.

The basic philosophy of the rules can be summarised:

a. That morale and leadership are decisive factors in these battles
b. Logistics is a critical factor, even in the battalion battle and is too often overlooked,
c. Communications, command and control are very influential and central to conducting a battle
d. Planning – especially artillery fire planning is a vital part of the battle, and again is too often overlooked.
e. That technology is generally over-rated and minor differences between, say, tank types have been given too great a prominence in wargame rules. I have attempted to redress this.

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