RealmSpeak – Magic Realm Online

Gamers of a certain age will fondly remember Magic Realm, Avalon Hill’s fantasy adventure game. It is long out of print, but you can find an interesting online game facilitator here.

France 1940 Map and Counters

John Cooper has made some graphical improvements for the classic Avalon Hill game France 1940 and made the maps and counters available as a download. I remember having a lot of fun playing the game, and this artwork is a great visual improvement.

Avalon Hill’s classic 1962 Waterloo boardgame has been given a facelift by John Cooper, who makes the redone map and counters available as a free download.

Tactical Game X: Panzer Leader / Panzer Blitz Game Update

Tactical Game X is a modern take on the classic Panzer Leader / Panzer Blitz games, which now are pushing fifty years old. They’re still great, though, and if you love them, you might want to take a look at Tactical Game X.

New MBT Maps and Scenarios

I played a lot of Avalon Hill’s MBT game when it first came out. Now you can get new maps and scenarios depicting terrain/actions found in the fictional WW3 novel “First Clash” by Kenneth Macksey.The premise of the book revolved around the Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group defending its sector in West Germany in the opening days of WW3 against attacking Soviet tank/motor rifle regiments.