Ancients By Ral

The Jackson Gamers offer Ancients By Ral, an ancients version of the venerable Rules By Ral system.

Ancient Empires Free Wargames Miniatures Rules

Previously a commercially published set of wargames rules, Ancient Empires now is available in a new edition as a free download.

From the Yahoo Site:

Originally published in 1990, significant changes have been made in almost every aspect of Ancient Empires. Popular basing for figures is now utilized, and the game now includes a point system and a conversion matrix for those familiar with the ‘DBM’ style of gaming.

If you have tired of the traditional ´┐Żbeer and pretzels´┐Ż ancient games so common in the market place and you want more, take a look at Ancient Empires 2nd edition. With Ancient Empires 2nd edition you can get together for a small two to three hour battle using one of multiple figure scale options.

Easy Rules For the Battle of Thermopylae

If the movie 300 has inspired the wargamer in you, but not enough to go out and paint 300 Spartans and a couple of thousand Persians, you might want to head on over to the Junior General’s site. There you will find simple rules and paper figures for refighting the battle of Thermopylae

Celtic Skirmish Game

From Warspawn Games: Celtic Skirmish, a combination miniatures / board game.

Roman Vexilla (Flags)

From the Red Rampant site comes an article on Roman Vexilla (flags, or standards). Useful information for anyone building a Warhammer ancients army of Romans.