Making 15mm Barbed Wire

The League of Ordinary Gamers has a quick and easy idea for making some good looking 15mm barbed wire.

The Lights Are Going out WWI Rules

The Lights Are Going Out is a set of free wargames rules for WWI in 1914. The rules are designed for 15mm figures.

15mm Palm Tree Tutorial

18 Charlie has a tutorial on making 15mm palm trees. The methods looks good, and should be quick and inexpensive.

Modeling 15mm Wheat Fields

Here’s a tutorial on modeling 15mm wheatfields for your wargames terrain collection.

The key ingredient in this project are door mats made of coconut matting, called coir matting.

15mm Painting Advice

Zrune Lord has a brief photo tutorial on painting a 15mm orc. I find it interesting that he uses inks on his 15mm figures. I’ve never tried that, instead relying on blocking and dry brushing.