Russian Civil War Gaming Site

To go along with the previous post on Red Actions!, the free Russian Civil War rules, here is the Jackson Gamers’ RCW site. There’s plenty here to look at!

Red Actions!

The Perfect Captain offers “Red Actions”, another in their series of superb free wargames rules. This particular set is designed for miniature wargames in the Russian Civil War. Like all of the Captain’s rules, these have superb graphics — but they are not just gratituous pictures. The thing that makes these rules so special is how tightly the graphics are integrated into the game system.

Red Actions! Interventionists

The Perfect Captain’s games are amazing combinations of form and function, with artwork that really matters to the game. They now have an expansion to their earlier Red Actions! Russian Civil War game that deals with the various nationalities that intervened in the strife. There’s also a new campaign.

Morschauser Inspired Russian Civil War Rules

The Battle Game of the Month Blog has the outline of a set of free wargames rules for playing games set in the Russian Civil War. They’re inspired by Joseph Morschauser’s rules.

Return To The River Don

Return To The River Don is a set of free wargames rules for 15mm miniatures battles set in the Russian Civil War.