CUADRO GOLPEANDO! Spanish Civil War Rules

CUADRO GOLPEANDO! is a variant of Peter Pig’s Square Bashing rules for the Spanish Civil War

Mexicanski 36 Spanish Civil War Rules

Mexicanski 36 is a free rules variant of Peter Pig’s excellent AK47 rules. The rules focus on the Spanish Civil War.

A Spanish Crossfire

A Spanish Crossfire is a set of modifications for playing Crossfire game set in the Spanish Civil War, and in the Rif War.

If You Tolerate This – Spanish Civil War Gaming Rules

If You Tolerate This is a set of free wargames rules for fighting divisional level engagements set in the Spanish Civil War. It is designed for 15mm figures and played on a grid or hex board.

Cuadro Golpeando! Spanish Civil War Variant For Square Bashing

Cuadro Golpeando! is a Spanish Civil War variant for the commercial “Square Bashing” rules.