The Chaco War 1932 – 1935 Wargames Rules

The Chaco War is a set of free wargames rules based on Phil Barker’s DBA. It’s designed to let players fight out the 1932 – 1935 Chaco War, which was fought over control of great part of the Gran Chaco region of South America, which was incorrectly thought to be rich in oil.

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Land And Airborne Assault Rules

Land and Airborne Assault are a set of free wargames rules that cover warfare from 1950 to the present. From the website:

Land and Airborne Assault is published in PDF format, is printer friendly and suiteable for all micro armour scales.
Land and Airborne Assault rules cover warfare from 1950 to the present day.
They include Electronics, Engineering, Artillery and Aircraft support plus Special Forces
and RPVs. The 4th edition has improved CAP air to air combat rules.

Pre-Game rules allow you to carry out a reconnaissance, flanking attack, sabotage and assassinations.
The morale reactions reflect actions troops and units would take on the modern battlefield.
Some dice rolling normally associated with modern warfare rules have been simplified making it possible to played a large game in a afternoon or evening.

Data specific to these rules for AFV armour class’s, size and speed, ATGM speed, generation and size, Aircraft size and payload and Artillery ranges is supplied on this website in the data and information section.

Vietnam Skirmish Rules

From The Black Dog of Doom comes a set of Vietnam Skirmish Rules. The author writes:

This is a set of wargame rules for playing a middling size skirmish set in the American/Vietnam war. The rules were written for use with 20mm metal minis and have been used in that role a number of times.

As well as the figures and terrain, you will also need to supply some standard dice, a measuring stick, lots of tiddley winks and some crunched up balls of paper!

The rules feature the use of supressing fire which will pin all but the bravest of warriors. In game terms, supressing fire reduces the ability of the supressed to interfere with your plans.

Also included are some rules for handling vehicles and artillery fire, although these features are not expected be the focus of the game. In play each player will easily be able to handle 20-30 figures.

Russian Civil War Rules: Red Army, White Guards

Red Army White Guards is a set of free wargames rules for the Russian Civil War.

Iron and Steam Rules

Iron and Steam is a set of free wargames rules for pre-dreadnought Victorian naval actions.

Iron and Steam is a set of miniatures rules for naval combat of the American Civil War. The rules feature a gun-by-gun combat resolution, written orders and simultaneous movement. Traditionally played with 1/600 scale models the combat scale is closer to 1/2400 scale, though the game is generally model scale agnostic. Also included are over 100 pre-filled ship record sheets, turning radii and arc-of-fire templates as well as a 2 page QRS to facilitate fire resolution.