John Carter: The Cartoon That Almost Was

It seems that back in the 1930s, the son of Edgar Rice Burroughs set out to create a cartoon series based on his father’s John Carter of Mars series of novels. Unfortunately, the series never got off the ground. Some initial work on the series survived, however, and you can see it in the YouTube video below:

Marble Painting Technique

Hot_Lead has a tutorial on a faux marble painting technique. The green marble column example is really amazing.

Making 28mm Rail Fences

MacPhee’s Miniature Men Blog has a tutorial on making rail fences for your 25mm 28mm wargames.

France 1940 Map and Counters

John Cooper has made some graphical improvements for the classic Avalon Hill game France 1940 and made the maps and counters available as a download. I remember having a lot of fun playing the game, and this artwork is a great visual improvement.

Avalon Hill’s classic 1962 Waterloo boardgame has been given a facelift by John Cooper, who makes the redone map and counters available as a free download.