Lost Minis Wiki

A work in progress, the Lost Minis Wiki is attempting to catalog as many of the sadly-out-of-print miniatures as possible. As with any Wiki, it’s only as good as it’s contributors, however, so add to it if you can.

Conquest of Mexico Gaming Resource Page

The Conquest of Mexico is a period I’ve always wanted to game. Steve’s Balagan website has a very useful web page of information and links to resources on the Aztecs and other inhabitants of Mesoamerica.

“Fiddle With Your Lighting” Miniature Photography Article

Uncle Cheddar has an article on taking miniatures photographs. One very good piece of advice: Fiddle With Your Lighting, Not Your Camera Settings.

John Bull / Patriots Graphics Upgraded

The Perfect Captain has upgraded the graphics for their free John Bull / Patriots game for the War of 1812 and the American Revolution.

By Fire and Movement Modern Corps Rules

Andrew Stevenson offers new set of modern wargames rules based on the Lightning War/Red Storm system. Called “By Fire and Movement”, it is aimed at playing a corps or more each side. You can get the free beta version by joining the Yahoo Group.