Afternova Print and Play Game

Afternova is a free print-and-play game about collecting resources from a solar system after it has been destroyed by a supernova.

Birdsong Roll And Write Game

Birdsong is a free print-and-play roll and write game about bird watching. Roll and writes are all the rage right now in tabletop gaming.

Minute Diktator Print and Play Game

Minute Diktator is a free print and play game in which two players vie to get the support of the “Council of Five” to replace the departed Dear Leader.

Zany Zoo Print and Play Game

Zany Zoo is a two player print and play card drafting game. From the author’s description:

Zany Zoo is a 2-player card drafting game in which you select a total of 12 multi-use cards over 3 rounds. The cards can be used to build your creatures, feed them, or clean up their wastes. Build creatures with compatible parts, anticipate your opponent’s strategy, and manage your sanctuary well to win and be recognized as the ‘best zoologist of the third dimension’!

Floating Islands Print and Play Games

Floating Islands is a free print and play game about building an archipelago from floating sky islands.