Lost Treasures Dungeon Crawl Game

Lost Treasures is a free print-and-play dungeon crawl game. From the author’s description:

Lost Treasures is a simple two player game where each player must hire a party of adventurers to retrieve the treasure from a forgotten dungeon.

Each player represents competing Patrons who wish to recover treasures thought to be lost forever. They use magic and research to locate the treasures but must hire mercenaries to actually retrieve them. The intrigue between them means that when one discovers a treasure the other is not long to follow. One player recruits his adventurers from the noble worthy races, the other from the dregs and evil denizens. Unfortunately due to the rush to try and get there first, sometimes the parties are not as well equipped as they could be. . .

The game includes figures, dungeon tiles, cards and more.

Virus Print and Play

Virus is a free print-and-play, roll-and-write game about containing the spread of a virus.

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Dick Turpin Highwayman Roll and Write Game

Be the legendary highwayman Dick Turpin in this free roll and write game called “Your Money Or Your Life.”