Uniforms of Byzantium Through 1453

The New York Public Library Systems Digital Library has digitized images of thousands of plates, prints and paintings, including these of the uniforms of Byzantium through 1453.

English Civil War Unform Guides

Here are a couple of short guides to English Civil War Royalist and Parliamentarian uniforms.

Viking Painting Guide

Kurtis Brown offers a one-page painting guide to Vikings.

Photos of 1/72 World War II Model Airplanes

JD Burgess has a site with dozens of outstanding photos of World War II model airplanes. Each model not only has the traditional 3/4 on photo, but also left, right, rear, above rear, above left … well, you get the picture.

These would make a good painting guide for air war miniature wargamers.

Spanish Uniforms Painting Guides

The Uniformes Militares Espa´┐Żoles site has extensive color plates of Spanish Uniforms for the years 1800 – 1980.