De Bellis Vietnam

De Bellis Vietnam is a set of DBA-based quick and dirty rules for wargaming Vietnam.

De Bellis Toyus

De Bellis Toyus is a set of rules for using kid’s toys for wargames. The rules are loosely based on Phil Barker’s DBA.

DBA Chinese Gallery and Dragon Tail Banner

Bill MacGillivray has a nice gallery of his Shang Chinese DBA army, and a Dragon Tail banner for you to save and print on your inkjet.The banner is in 15mm, but I’m going to resize it and use it for my Boxer Rebellion armies in 28mm.

Napoleonic DBA Rules

The Bookranger offers a set of free wargames rules for Napoleonics using DBA mechanisms. The author writes:

These rules derive from the combined concepts put forward in the rules sets “De Bellis Antiquitatis” and “Chef de Battalion”.

It was envisioned that a player is likely to control a single Battalion within these rules (a battalion having 15 bases or more). However it is possible to play these rules with a single battalion represented by a single base, when playing large scale battles.

English Civil War DBA Variant

The Solitary Wargamer offers a variant of DBA for the English Civil War.