WWI Bombed Out Copse

Roundwood’s World has some great photos of his WWI wooded terrain board.

Making Terrain Tiles From Fake Fur

Here’s a photo tutorial on how to make some truly amazing terrain tiles from fake fur.

Texturing Terrain Tiles

Every time I see an article on terrain tiles, it makes me want to go out and make them. But space considerations keep the idea at bay … one day ….

Still, here’s a nice article on texturing terrain tiles.

Cork Terrain Tiles Tutorial

The Wargaming Depot blog has a tutorial on making terrain tiles from cork.

It’s an idea that I considered for quite some time, before finally settling on doing a similar thing with 1 foot square carpet tiles.

Printable Terrain Tiles

Dungeoneering dot Net has a nice selection of printable terrain tiles ostensibly for use with the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game, but which would also work with any number of dungeon crawl games — of which there are many free ones available on this site.