Making Terrain Tiles

I’ve always wanted a good looking set of terrain tiles. Here’s a method for making terrain tiles out of flooring tiles. Its a thought I’ve had for while, although mine also involves 1 foot cork tiles stuck on top of them.

WWI Bombed Out Copse

Roundwood’s World has some great photos of his WWI wooded terrain board.

Making Terrain Tiles From Fake Fur

Here’s a photo tutorial on how to make some truly amazing terrain tiles from fake fur.

Texturing Terrain Tiles

Every time I see an article on terrain tiles, it makes me want to go out and make them. But space considerations keep the idea at bay … one day ….

Still, here’s a nice article on texturing terrain tiles.

Cork Terrain Tiles Tutorial

The Wargaming Depot blog has a tutorial on making terrain tiles from cork.

It’s an idea that I considered for quite some time, before finally settling on doing a similar thing with 1 foot square carpet tiles.