Command and Colors English Civil War Variant

Here’s an English Civil War variant of the Command and Colors rules. You’ll also need the Command and Colors: Napoleonics rules, which are freely available on the GMT Games website.

Making A Command and Colors Terrain Table

Small World Productions has a tutorial on making a “hex” based terrain table for Command and Colors.

Memoir ’14 Rules

Here’s a set of rules for Memoir ’14, a World War Variant of Memoir ’44. I rather think the great war would work better with this rules set than WWII.

White Mountain Board Game

White Mountain is a hex and counter board game for the Thirty Years War. It’s designed in the vein of the popular Command and Colors system.

Renaissance Raiders Fastplay Border Reivers Rules

From the mind of Rudi Geudens comes Renaissance Raiders, a set of free wargames rules for recreating conflicts along the Anglo-Scottish border. Based on the Command and Colors system, these are card driven, hex based rules designed for fast play.