Paper Modern Middle Eastern Buildings

The Combat Storm site has a couple of modern middle eastern buildings available for downloading. They’re scaled for those green plastic army men, so you may need to resize them on printing if you want to use them with smaller scales.

Torre Del Cielo Pirate Tower Model

Here’s a page with a paper model of the Torre Del Cielo — the tower that sits outside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disneyland. If scaled properly with your printing software, it would make a really attractive addition to a wargames table.

Mental Asylum Paper Model

Here’s a paper model of the mental asylum from Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights attraction. It’s on the large size, so you’ll want to scale it down.

Ghost House Haunted House Paper Model

Here’s a spectacular model of a classic Victorian haunted house. I’ll work nicely for 25mm figures.

Terrors Of The Deep Paper Models

Here are some paper models of “Terrors of the Deep” — aquatic horrors to threaten your heroes.