Easy Rules For the Battle of Thermopylae

If the movie 300 has inspired the wargamer in you, but not enough to go out and paint 300 Spartans and a couple of thousand Persians, you might want to head on over to the Junior General’s site. There you will find simple rules and paper figures for refighting the battle of Thermopylae

Celtic Skirmish Game

From Warspawn Games: Celtic Skirmish, a combination miniatures / board game.

Nauta Ancient Naval Wargame Rules

Nauta is a set of free miniature wargames rules for playing out ancient naval battles. The files are hosted here:



Nauta Rules Espa—-ol

Nauta Rules


Roman Galley Names

Nauta Italiano

Nauta Galleys Data Sheet Espa—-ol


Blades of Bronze Ancient Skirmish Rules

Blades of Bronze is a set of free wargames rules designed for short skirmish 15mm ancient wargames. The rules revolve around the ability of the leaders to give orders to the troops.

Roar of the Crowd Gladiator Rules

Roar of the Crowd is a set of free rules for playing science fiction, fantasy or historical gladiator games.