James Ernest On How The Early Cheapass Games Were Produced

James Ernest has written an interesting blog post on how the early Cheapass games were produced.

Cardmaker: Tool For Making Game Cards

Cardmaker is a tool for using CSV files to easily generate cards for your games.

Tutorial is here.

Lately, I’ve taken to making cards for units in my games, rather than putting it on on sheets of paper. Having the cards cuts down on table clutter and makes it easier for players to find exactly which unit info they need.

CardBoard Card Deck Simulator

CardBoard is an interesting project. It’s a bit of software that simulates a deck of cards in a digital playspace, and allows you to play with friends over a local area network. Keep an eye on this one, because remote playing via the internet is sure to come.

Epic Slant Press has an article on the lessons they learned from their Kickstarter game. I found it to be interesting for the insight into the game industry.