Dice Probabilities Article

I don’t know of a miniatures wargamer who hasn’t tried to write his own set of rules. And unless your rules are extraordinarly simple, that means thinking about dice probabilities. Here’s an article on die probabilities with d6s, with a special focus on DBA and Warmaster.

Jervis on Warhammer Ancients Battles

Lochagos, at the Lochagos website has collected all of the postings that Jervis Johnson made regarding Warhammer Ancients Battles, on the WAB Ancients List. Lochagos cautions that, while these are not official rulings, they do provide some insight into JJ’s thinking.

How To Print On Blank Playing Cards

Here’s an interesting bit of advice for printing directly on blank playing cards. It would be useful for better-looking prototype games.

Web Utility For Rough Card Generation

If you need to generate some basic cards for your games, you can try this web-based utility, which imports information in CSV files. Put your data into a spreadsheet, save as Comma Separated Values and upload. Voila!

Web Utility


A New Approach To Reaction and Morale

Steve Winter has this article on a new approach to reaction and morale. Inspired by Zulu War games, he tries to move away from the “in command or routing” conditions of other miniature rules sets.