How To Print On Blank Playing Cards

Here’s an interesting bit of advice for printing directly on blank playing cards. It would be useful for better-looking prototype games.

Web Utility For Rough Card Generation

If you need to generate some basic cards for your games, you can try this web-based utility, which imports information in CSV files. Put your data into a spreadsheet, save as Comma Separated Values and upload. Voila!

Web Utility


Cardmaker: Tool For Making Game Cards

Cardmaker is a tool for using CSV files to easily generate cards for your games.

Tutorial is here.

Lately, I’ve taken to making cards for units in my games, rather than putting it on on sheets of paper. Having the cards cuts down on table clutter and makes it easier for players to find exactly which unit info they need.

Epic Slant Press has an article on the lessons they learned from their Kickstarter game. I found it to be interesting for the insight into the game industry.

Templates For Playing Cards

If you’re designing your own games, here’s a page with some pdf, ai and psd templates for playing cards of various sizes. I’ve taken to making unit cards rather than roster sheets for players to keep track of information in my games.