Wargames Terrain Generator

Tony Thomas has created the Wargames Terrain Generator, a program that’s free for the downloading. He tells about it in an email: “What it does is allow you to create and customize a random terrain for your wargame of choice. Wargame terrain generator can also create an actual image of the table top using terrain images for battle reports and so forth (a basic terrain set is provided with the download). Wargame terrain generator is still currently in beta, so while all the functionality is working there is very little idiot proofing.”

Painting Flesh

Having trouble doing proper flesh tones on your wargames miniatures? From Slave To Paint studios, comes a guide to painting flesh.

Making Guard Huts

Here’s a nice piece of wargames terrain that makes me think, for some reason, of “The Great Escape.” From Steve Winter comes these instructions for making a corrugated metal hut.

Wallpaper for Buildings

While building some 15mm ruins and houses this morning, I remembered a quick and easy tip for getting the insides of your houses to look like the insides of a house – wallpaper.

www.decoratetoday.com has a MILLION,ZILLION wall paper designs that are great for all scales of miniatures. Just print out and bam! ready made interiors. They even have borders if you just want that. I came across this site while making maps for Call of Duty, and have been busy with it ever since.

When printing it out use regular paper, and a thin wash (60/40 white glue/water) to coat the sample pretty well. Stick on the wall of your choice and let dry. Make sure to get the air bubbles out by gently sliding a ruler over it. When dry (usually a couple hours), a very thin wash of brown/grey over it gives it the bombed out look.

The amount of samples they have are incredible – Bamboo, suede, brick, cobblestone, parchment, its insane. Best of all the entire site is searchable so you can look for yellow stone for example

Stand To!

Free Colonial Skirmish miniatures rules from the prolific Steve Winter: Stand To!