Final Combat Micro Melee

Final Combat Micro Melee is a set of free wargames rules that converts the Final Combat skirmish system for use with Micro Armor.

Firefly Outgunned WWI Microarmor Rules

Firefly Outgunned is a set of free wargames rules for WWII microarmor. They’re based on the old Firefly and Challenger rules sets.

Bekaa Blues Modern Micro Armor Rules

Bekaa Blues is a set of free wargames rules for 1/285 micro armor battles set in Lebanon in 1982.

Able Archer Modern Combat Rules

Able Archer is a set of free wargames rules for 1/300 scale modern combat.

The author writes:

Able Archer is wargaming system, which will put players into role of company or battalion commanders durning fictional conflict in 1983. You will assume command of NATO or WARPAC ground forces. You will lead tanks,infantry but even artillery or airforces. You will be fighting in conflict that was greatest fear of every politican and commander durning Cold war. Can you defeat Soviets before they could reach the Rhine? Or will you lead final push towards the Paris as Soviet commander?

Able Archer unlike many games situated in Cold war gone hot scenĂ¡rio, is played in 1:1 scale. That means 1 vehicle represent one vehicle, base of infantry represents team and so on.
In smaller games you will lead companies, while in larger games you can command battalions or even regiment worth of troops.
Because Able Archer is aiming for wargaming Cold War Gone Hot scenĂ¡rio in central Europe you can command United States,Soviet,Czechoslovak, Polish,British,Dutch,West or East German battlegroups. You can play Able Archer storyline or even try something different like Fortress America (Soviet Invasion of USA)


Micro Squad: The 1:1 Scale Game

From GHQ comes a 1:1 scale game for 1/285th scale miniatures called Micro Squad. The authors write:

Here’s THE WWII 1:1 GAME for 1/285th scale military miniatures!
Based on the popular “Micro Armour: The Game – WWII” platoon scale rules, Micro Squad: The 1:1 Scale Game – WWII is designed for both the history buff and the 6mm wargamer. Training, experience, and “cohesion” of players’ forces are important factors in deciding the outcome of each battle.

This NEW expanded edition includes:

* 27 pages of weapons and aircraft data for Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Romania, the Soviet Union, UK, and US.
* Full color game markers
* Quick reference Combat Table Card
* How-to guide for designing scenarios
* 10 ready-to-play scenarios

GAME SCALE: 1 miniature = 1 vehicle/weapon, 1 inch = 25 yds/meters, 1 turn = 1 real time minute