Rules By Ral variant

The Jackson Gamers present their Medieval version of the venerable Rules by Ral.

Paper Medieval Cottages

Wizards of the Coast has this 25mm - 28mm papermodel of a medieval cottage. You could print out a whole bunch of these and have a whole village for your miniature wargames skirmishes.

The True Cost of Gaming

Mikko Kurki-Suonio at Small Cuts has an article about the true (economic) costs of miniature wargaming.

Slammer SF Rules

Tired of Warhammer 40K? Try Slammer a set of free wargames rules by Chris and Alex Nicole. The rules set is not tied to any particular set of science fiction miniatures, and there are army lists for a wide variety of troops -- even Zulus! ??? (For those hordes of primitives versus superior technology games).

Painting Napoleonic Ships

Ray Trochim has a guide to assembling and painting the miniature ships for your Napoleonic wargames.