Ancient Greece Resource Site

If you’ve been inspired by the Iliad and the Odyssey, or by movies such as Ray Harryhausen’s Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans, or by Troy, or 300, or any of a myriad books or movies on the Ancient Greeks, you’ve probably (like me) considered building a couple of armies to act out your swords and sandals fantasies. Ancient Greece is a website that provides a wealth of information of the history behind the legends.

First World War History Website

First World War dot Com is a good resource for doing research into the war to end all wars.

Clash of Steel Battles Database

The Clash of Steel website has an interesting work-in-progress in its database of battles.

The Illustrated London News

For Victorian gaming fans, here’s a page with articles from the Illustrated London News from the mid 1800s.

Gary’s Combat Vehicle Reference Guide

Gary’s Combat Vehicle Reference Guide is what it says it is.