Strange Aeons Eldrich Horror Skirmish Game

Set in the pulp 1920s, Strange Aeons is a skirmish game that sets bands of adventurers against Lovecraftian horrors. The game is commercial, but they have a free test version.

Cthulhu Skirmish

The Cthulhu Skirmish game from Warpspawn is designed to be played on a chessboard with miniatures. Each figure represents one man or monster. I also think that it would be easily adaptable to playing as a more traditional miniatures game.

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Exorcist Card Game

Exorcist is a card game for two players in which the winner is the one who wins all the soul tokens.

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Halloween Fonts and Clip Art

Spice up your miniature wargames rules with these free Halloween fonts and clip art.

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Paper Robot Model

What you really need is a giant robot to menace the heroes in your miniature wargames. You can get a nice paper model of a killer robot at Ravensblight.

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