Elder Thing and Investigators Paper Figures

For Cthulhu fans, here are some paper figures of an Elder Thing and Investigators.

Great Old Ones Card Game

Great Old Ones offer the rules for a two player card game where the goal is to reduce your opponent’s sanity to “0.” You need to make your own cards to play.

Pokethulhu Role Playing Game

A few years ago, I bought a box of Pokethulhu miniatures — little figures that look like Pokemons crossed with Cthulhuian Horrors. I had no idea that there also was a role playing game to go with it. And it’s free! Pokethulhu RPG.

Terrors Of The Deep Paper Models

Here are some paper models of “Terrors of the Deep” — aquatic horrors to threaten your heroes.

Apathy: The Calling RPG

Apathy: The Calling is a free roleplaying game of Cthulhuian horror. The author writes:

Welcome to Apathy:The Calling a Role Playing Game. In this game you play regular folk dealing with the mythos in the only way they can in the modern age, with apathy. As one of the select few for unknown reasons you can hear Dread Cthulhu as he dreams, calling you to commit unspeakable acts. Fortunately you�ve long been accustomed to ignoring inconvenient realities. You fight back with the inertia and apathy, that has defined you as a generation of slackers, miscreants, good for nothings, baby busters and losers.

Apathy, the Role Playing game is a game about the lost generation, everyday life and cthulhu.