The Battle of Blackburn’s Ford

The Battle of Blackburn's Ford is an introduction to the Combat Command American Civil War Rules. The pdf also includes counters if you don't have figures.

Warhammer American Civil War Variant

The Cops.NU site has a Warhammer 40K variant for the American Civil War. I think it could work.

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15mm Paper American Civil War Wood and Stone Barns

At the Game Architect blog, you'll find a good looking paper model of a 15mm American Civil War wood and stone barns. The models are in black and white, so you'll have to apply your own coloring.

Tin Army In The Civil War

Tin Army In The Civil War is a set of free wargames rules for the American Civil War by Ross Mcfarlane. The author writes:

This is a simple set of wargame rules aimed at Division or Corps sized battles. They assume that low level tactics are being handled by regimental officers and their Brigadiers and by the dice. The game may be played on grid with 1 unit per grid area otherwise all distances are roughly equal to the frontage of a deployed infantry unit or roughly 150 yards. Units within that distance  and directly in front of, behind or beside each other are deemed to be adjacent. Turns represent a variable length of time and overlap the previous and following enemy turns. 12 to 15 turns each is a good medium length game with a simple scenario and a dozen or so units per side.

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Free From Amazon: Hardtack and Coffee

Amazon offers a free Kindle Edition of Hardtack and Coffee.


Hardtack and Coffee or The Unwritten Story of Army Life (1887) is a memoir by John D. Billings. Billings was a veteran of the 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery Battery in the American Civil War. Originally published in 1888, Hard Tack and Coffee quickly became a best seller, and is now considered one of the most important books written by a Civil War veteran. "Hard Tack and Coffee" is not about battles, but rather about how the common Union soldiers of the Civil War lived in camp and on the march. What would otherwise be a mundane subject is enlivened by Billings' humorous prose.