Painting A Confederate Regiment

Ministories has a step-by-step photo story on how to paint a regiment of American Civil War confederates.

Battleflag American Civil War Solo Card Game

Battleflag is a solo American Civil War themed card game with anime-style illustrations. Interesting. The author writes:

Welcome to the BattleFlag TCG site. It could have been set with any theme, but i settled on the American civil war as I had been playing around with some Anime drawing in that era. The game although quite simple went through quite a number of mechanics before it felt right.

The idea is you have this deck of cards which you draw a hand of both good and bad cards,until you have four cards. You choose (within the rules) how many you play per turn. But end a turn with four cards and you lose. There are two ways to win, play and link to the three objective cards or link to the enemy general. There are also two ways to lose, finish the deck or have four cards in your hand at the end of a turn. Pretty straight forward, right.

As the game plays you have to choose when you play the enemy cards, unless your about to end a turn with four cards due to a rough draw or have been saving the hurt up. These can quickly eat away or cut off the ground made toward the enemy general. So you choose how you lose =). The game is alittle more forgiving than alot of other solo games out there, so make the right choices and your in with a chance.

Mostly I made this game for me, as there was nothing else out there which had everything i was after. Quick, easy to set up, replayability, no dice, or number counting, and simple. Anyways I hope you like it.

Then Holler! Tactical Miniatures Rules For The Civil War

Then Holler is a new set of free wargames rules for game set in the American Civil War.

American Civil War Painting Guide

Quindia Studios has a basic American Civil War painting guide.

American Civil War Casualty Counters

For American Civil War games, here are some print and play casualty counters.