15mm WWII German Propaganda Posters

The 15mm Paint Shack has a couple of pages of German propaganda posters scaled for 15mm. You can print these and use them to embellish your WWII terrain.

Making 15mm Vegetable Crop Fields

Big Lee’s Miniature Adventures has an illustrated tutorial on making model 15mm vegetable fields from corded dormats.

Gut Check Solo 15mm Science Fiction Rules v1.7

Gut Check is a set of free wargames rules for 15mm science fiction battles. What makes it unique, I think, is that it’s designed from the start for solo play. The author lists its features:

Designed from the ground up for solo play
Fast playing and zero bookkeeping
Uses normal 6 sided dice (Usually rolled no more than 2 at a time)
Uses activation rolls modified by battlefield conditions for turn sequence
Seamless Over watch and suppression effects built into system
Use any miniatures
Played on a Hex grid for convenience, but could be played with little fuss on a standard table

Three Plains 15mm Fantasy Wargaming

Three Plains is a free fantasy wargaming system. It also comes with free print-and-play figures.

Tudor House Paper Model

This full color model of a Tudor style house probably is best for 10mm or 15mm figures, but since it’s in a jpg format, it would be simple to resize it.