WWII Naval Rules

Here are a set of WWII Naval rules created by the author for playing with his homemade WWII ships.

Steam Iron and Tin ACW Naval Rules

Steam Iron and Tin is a set of 15mm ACW naval rules that was distributed to people who attended the 1985 Origins Convention in Baltimore (I was at that convention!).

De Bellis Navalibis

De Bellis Navalibis is a set of free wargames rules for playing ancients naval wargames.

ACW Rules For River and Coastal Warfare

By Jeff Peach & Les Booth offer a set of free wargames rules for ACW River and Coastal Warfare

Iron And Steel ACW Naval Rules

Iron and Steel are a set of free wargames rules for Victorian age naval battles.

The author writes:

Iron & Steam is based on a set of Victorian pre-dreadnought rules written by a friend in the late 1980s. They’ve evolved over the years though I’ve not played them recently. The game is meant to use sheets for each ship to record movement orders and accumulated damage. I had a fairly complex set up of mail-merged MS Word documents to generate the record sheets. But, of couse, they no longer function so I’ll have to come up with another system of generating them. That may take a while. Still… the game is playable if you’re willing to keep track of the statistics on a piece of paper. I know, I know… so high tech…. The methods of calculating the factors and a number of pre-calculated ships are included in the rules.