The Pulp Avengers

Thanks to great figures from Bob Murch of Pulp Figures, and Mark Copplestone, there has been a growing interest in gaming in the “pulp” era. This site offers advice for game mastering in the pulps.

Axis History Factbook

The owner of the Axis History site cautions: “This is an apolitical site dedicated to the history of the Third Reich and its allies. This is not a Nazi site, and I am not a Nazi.”

Its a good warning, because this sort of thing could easily be abused. That said, this is a good site with lots of information for wargamers. Of particular interest are the sections on the Axis allies, which have lots of good information on the units, decorations and equipment used.

Russian Civil War Gaming Site

To go along with the previous post on Red Actions!, the free Russian Civil War rules, here is the Jackson Gamers’ RCW site. There’s plenty here to look at!

Military Vehicle Camouflage

This page describes modern military vehicle camouflage schemes. There are dozens of links and a ton of information. Essential stuff for anyone painting modern military miniatures.

Fields of Fire Vietnam Website

Fields of Fire is an online community for Vietnam wargamers. The site has a lively discussion forum, and focuses both on miniature wargames and on role playing games. Among the games supported are the classics Recon, from Palladium and RAFM’s Charlie Company, both of which I own and have enjoyed.