Teutonic Order Banners

The Warfare East site has a jpg image of Teutonic Knight banners to download, print and cut out.

Axe Age Rules

Axe Age is a set of free wargames rules for miniature wargames in a dark fantasy setting.

All The Ships Counters

Mike, the Mad Game Designer has produced more than 7,000 ship counters for use in naval wargames. They cover various navies from 1900 to the present.

I’d suggest that you print them out and then glue them to small blocks of wood for a 3-D feel.

An amazing gift to the wargames community.

German Military Uniforms 1740 – 1900

The New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery has color plates of German military uniforms dating from 1740 – 1900. These include the uniforms of German states such as Anhalt, Bavaria, Saxony, Hamburg, Hessen, Prussia, Nurnburg, Saxe-Weimar, Wurtemburg, and Westphalia.

Corinth Print and Play

Major game publisher Days of Wonder offers its Corinth roll and write game free for the downloading. The game is about merchants in the ancient city of Corinth.