Microlite81 Complete (Beta) RPG

Microlite '81 now is out in a "complete" Beta edition. The author writes:

The public beta of Microlite81 Complete is now available for download and comment. Microlite81 Complete is intended to be standard Microlite81 with more complete descriptions of spells, monsters, and magic items and a few extras like an example of play and instructions for GMs which will hopefully make the game more friendly to players with less experience with old school gaming. Microlite81 Complete allows the GM to select which version of the "core game rules" to use (the standard B/X-like rules fromMicrolite81 or the B/X-like rules with the author's house rules from the early 1980s added as in Microlite81 Extended).

Dungeons and Dagon

Dungeons and Dagon is a free RPG of adventure in the world of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Advice On Painting Reaper Bones

With the third massive Reaper Bones Kickstarter over, here's some advice on painting the figures. It's quite a different experience from metal or hard plastic.

Dragonraid Christian RPG

Dragonraid is an RPG that was created in the 1980s as a "Christian" alternative to Dungeons and Dragons. According to this article on Uproxx, it encourages a refreshingly different style of RPG play.


Risky Settlers of Catan

Risky Settlers of Catan is a Settlers-Risk mash up. The author writes:

It's basic Catan rules plus armies! With your soldiers that you produce based on number of settlements/cities, hexes controlled, and intersections controlled, you can: -Control hexes for either resource or troop production bonuses -block opponents' development and expansion -attack and seize opponents' hexes and settlements.