Coreheim: Mordheim Updated Rulebook

Coreheim is an updated rulebook for the venerable Games Workshop Mordheim system. I liked Mordheim (and its predecessor, Necromunda). I should get them out again to play.

Modeling Security Fences

18 Charlie has a photo tutorial on modeling security fences. These would look great on a modern, post-modern, or apocalyptic battlefield.

Part 1

Part 2

Making Crusaders From Plasticine Modeling Clay

For the more craft oriented among you, here are a few videos to guide you through making some plasticine modeling clay figures for the Crusades.

Modeling Grapevines

18 Charlie has a photo tutorial on making grape vines for 15mm games.

Napoleon At Waterloo Board Game Print-And-Play

The classic board game Napoleon at Waterloo is readily available as a print-and-play, do-it-yourself, project.