Fornovo to Sedgemoor Pike and Shot Rules

Fornovo to Sedgemoor is a set of free wargames rules for Pike and shot rules for the period 1485-1685. The rules are designed for 15mm - 30mm figures, on a 1:25 scale.

Stripping Primer From Figures

LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner
LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner

I recently botched a primer job with some 15mm science fiction figures, getting the notorious fuzzy finish. Acting on a tip, I went to the dollar store and picked up a bottle of LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner. I poured it full strength into a tin on top of the figures.

Twelve hours later, the paint is just flaking away. I rinsed off a couple of figures as a test, and they're good to go.

I will leave them in the tin for a few more hours just to be sure.

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Austerlitz To Waterloo Rules

Wes Rogers offers Austerlitz To Waterloo, a set of free wargames rules for Napoleonic warfare. The rules are designed for 25mm - 30mm figures, where one figure equals 25 men.

The Galleon and The Flame

Trevor Brabyn has posted The Galleon and The Flame, a Sword and The Flame variant for land and naval battles in the age of Drake and Hawkins.

This is just more evidence to support my contention that -- if miniature wargaming has a standard -- it's Larry Brom's The Sword and The Flame. There are more variants of this rules set than I can count.

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Modeling A Viking Longboat

Here's a nice video tutorial on making a Viking longboat.