Valley Of The Apes Miniatures Adventure Game

Valley of the Apes is designed as an adventure game for kids. Players create their own jungle terrain, scatter the encounter tiles (with hazards or treasures) across the valley, and send bands of toy soldier figures to seek fame and riches.

Making Roads From Cork Tiles

The Wargames Table has a quick tutorial on making roads from cork tiles.

Dragon Slayers RPG

Dragon Slayers is a playest version of an upcoming free role playing game. The author writes:

Dragon Slayers RPG looks like Savage Worlds but plays like D&D 5e. The goal is to have D&D-style adventuring without the fiddly bits. GMing is easy and the game is great for new players and one-shots. It features step-die mechanics and has inherited a few dirty hippie quirks (abstract equipment, 13th Age style backgrounds). Magic is low-ish powered and mages cast with spell points.

Modeling An Objective Marker

Dampf's Modelling Page has a short description of how he created an objective marker. I really like markers like these that look like part of the landscape, as opposed to little cardboard counters or somesuch.

How To Make High Quality Circular Counters

On Board Game Geek, there's a nice set of instructions on making high quality circular counters.