Fallout Skirmish Game

Fallout Skirmish is a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes in the Fallout Computer Game universe. The rules are heavily influenced by Necromunda.

Arnold’s Finest Hour Rules

Arnold's Finest Hour is a set of free wargames rules for the American Revolution Battle of Saratoga from the prolific Junior General.

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Kiev’s Museum of Micro Miniatures

Rose In A Hair Photo
Rose In A Hair

Within the walls of the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, the Kiev Monastary of the Caves is the Museum of Microminiatures, a collection of models that are so small and so detailed that they defy belief. For example, there is the rose inside a hair, shown above:

“The hair is drilled lengthwise and polished outside and inside until being transparent. An artificial rose twig is inserted into the bore. The flower diameter is 0.05 millimeters, the stem is 0.005 millimeters thick.”

Column, Line and Square Napoleonics Rules

Column, Line and Square was the first set of Napoleonics rules that I ever played -- and I suspect, the first set that many people played. We called it Column, Line and Slaughter, though, becuase slaughter was the usual result.

Still, it was fun to play --especially with 25mm figures.

Sadly, the set is apparently no longer in print. But you can get the rules here, free for the downloading.

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Fearless Science Fiction Arena Combat Game

Fearless is a set of free wargames rules that are:

... intended as a fast-paced science-fiction tabletop game including role-playing elements, with a universe full of unknown possibilities as the setting. It allows you to guide mercenaries from various backgrounds into breath-taking fights in the Arenas of Fearless. Additionally prepared scenarios and the possibility to customize your characters offer even more fun to play the game.