Imperial Ambitions Board Game

Imperial Ambitions is a free print-and-play board game of spaceship combat with both a strategic and tactical element. The author writes:

The game is played in two parts, on two different maps. The Strategic Game is played only on the strategic map, and the Tactical Game, where battles are fought, is played only on the tactical battle maps. In the Strategic Game, units move from one star system to another, and construction, repairs and various economic functions are conducted. At the end of the Strategic Sequence of Play, any hexes containing opposing units on the strategic map may trigger a battle (at the discretion of either one of the players with forces in the same hex), at which point each battle is resolved on a tactical map using the Tactical Game

Varnishing Techniques For Your Miniatures

Dragon Rage Classic Board Game

Dragon Rage is a free print-and-play version of the old Dwarfstar game. From the website:

DRAGON RAGE is a game of mythical creatures attacking a walled medieval city. The game-board is a full color aerial view of the city and surrounding territory, and the counters include knights, infantry, heroes, wizards, dragons, ores, trolls, great birds, giants, and other mythical creatures and beasts. The game rules include six scenarios, and a table for creating your own games with different combinations of monsters and city defense forces.

Grav Armor Classic Dwarfstar Board Game

Grav Armor is the classic Dwarfstar game of future armored warfare. From the site:

GRAV ARMOR is a fast-moving game of future armored warfare for 2 players. It realistically simulates the high-speed, high casualty combat between streaking gravitic vehicles, surface-effects craft, supersonic fighters, orbital dropships and power-suited infantry. The modular map sections allow scenarios to be played on radically different types of planets (earthlike, molten, frozen or airless).

Germania: Drusus’ Campaigns 12-9 BC Solo Board Game

Germania: Drusus' Campaigns 12-9 BC (direct download) is a free print-and-play solo game:

about about the Roman Conquest of Germany at the end of the 1st Century BC. The Player represents the governor with two objectives. The first is the public one of conquering Germany as far as the Weser and establishing a new Imperial Frontier. the second of increasing his personal fortune. The activities of the German Tribes are determined by a set of rules.