Dread Roleplaying Game

Dread is a role playing game that uses an innovative mechanic -- a Jenga game -- to resolve actions and build tension.

There are both free and paid versions.

Quad S Spaceship Combat

Quad S Evolution is the second edition of the Quad S Spaceship Combat system. It is available in a pay-what-you-want format. The authors write:

Quad-S: Evolution

Quad-S has been sold over 2000 copies in eight countries since it's debut. Everybody from veteran gamers to new blood having its first taste of non-mass market gameplay is being introduced to Quad-S every week. With that kind of following, we had to come out with a second edition. Quad-S Evolution.

The basic premise that made Quad-S special has not changed. Quad-S is still a maneuver-based game that rewards good tactics. Every race is still diverse and plays by a different set of rules that is still compatible with the other races in gameplay. With honorable playing still a major for the spirit of the game, it is one of the main reasons Quad-S is still popular years later, is has generated a fan base of the "good" gamers.

Slammer Skirmish Science Fiction Rules

Slammer Skirmish is a set of free wargames rules for science fiction skirmishes. The author writes:

Slammer is a set of wargame rules for Science Fiction skirmish games using miniatures. Slammer is not tied to any specific background or company product line, you can use whatever figures or models you have. I intended from the start that Slammer would be flexible and adaptable to different scenarios. I have intentionally kept it fairly 'loose', particularly in areas like troop motivation and Hollywood heroics. Slammer is meant to be fun!

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Tom Brown’s Africa Days

Veteran Gamer Bob Beattie has taken a popular 19th Century fictional character -- Tom Brown, of Tom Brown's Schooldays -- and come up with a wonderful what-if game. What if Brown, all grown up, and disgraced in an accounting scandal ends up in Africa.

Bob calls this a "convergence role play game," in which fictional and historical characters meet. Its the same sort of convergence that has been done in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the incredible Kim Newman novel Anno Dracula.

This page has a description and photos of Bob's game.

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Warstuff Universal Rules – Second Edition

From the folk at One Page Rules, Warstuff is a set of free wargames rules meant to be played with any sort of miniatures. Warstuff now is in its second edition. The authors write:

For those that didn’t play WarStuff’s 1st edition, this is a little game meant to be played with all sorts of miniatures. The core rules allow you to create any type of unit you want, and with its simple mechanics it’s a great game for kids to get into wargames.

With second edition we have decided to change the core game mechanics to reflect more our other games, and make for an easy transition between them. The game should now be even simpler to play, and we have tweaked the unit creation to be more intuitive.