Free Blood Bowl Pitch

The Gaming Corner has twenty different Blood Bowl pitch designs free for the downloading. Just print them out and glue the pieces to cardboard. The site also has Blood Bowl rosters and a quick reference sheet.

Melee and Wizard: The Fantasy Trip Mass Combat Rules

Melee and Wizard is a set of rules modifications to allow you to use The Fantasy Trip / Melee / Wizard for mass combat.

Cleaning and Repairing Second Hand Models

Brushthralls has an informative illustrated tutorial on cleaning and repairing old figures.

Tourney Jousting Rules

Tourney is a set of Jousting rules from the Lincoln Miniature Wargame Society.

Quick Napoleonics

Back when MWAN was still being published, it was my favorite wargaming magazine — in no small part because of the variety of interesting characters who wrote for the magazine. One of those was Friar Aelred Glidden, who is perhaps the world’s only wargaming monk. Glidden’s game rules were always simple, but interesting, and I very much miss reading his works.

Quick Napoleonics is a set of free wargames rules inspired by Friar Glidden.