American Civil War Rules For 25mm Figures

American Civil War is a set of rules for 25mm figures in a 1:25 scale.

Firefly For Savage Worlds

Here’s an excellent adaptation of Savage Worlds to the FireFly universe. I’m a fan of the all-too-short-lived Josh Whedon science fiction series.

World War II Painting Guides

Artizan Designs has a page with very good painting guides for a wide variety of World War II Uniforms.

Edgar Rice Burroughs ‘Zine

EGBZine is an online archive of more than 10,000 pages of Edgar Rice Burroughs goodness — stories, articles, art and more. If you’re contemplating (as I am) a John Carter of Mars game, this is a good place to start.

The Great Jonny Quest Documentary

I grew up on Jonny Quest and think that the original is one of the best ever created. It’s certainly a great piece of pulp. Here’s the first part of a two hour documentary on the making of Jonny Quest. The entire thing is in pieces on YouTube.