Using The Lord of the Rings Rules For Warhammer 40K Skirmish

The Warseer forums have an interesting thread on using Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings battle game to run Warhammer 40K skirmish games.

Building Starship Troopers Bug Tunnels

Pictors Studio has a tutorial on building bug tunnels for your Starship Troopers games. They are constructed out of pink insulation board and look quite nice.

Baen Free Library

Ok. This isn't about Miniature Wargaming, but I've found that miniature wargamers often are lovers of fantasy and science fiction stories. The Baen Free Library has online versions of lots of Baen novels, including works by David Drake, Eric Flint, Andre Norton and more.

Warmaster English Civil War

Pictors Studion has an English Civil War rules adaptation of Games Workshop's Warmaster rules.

New MBT Maps and Scenarios

I played a lot of Avalon Hill's MBT game when it first came out. Now you can get new maps and scenarios depicting terrain/actions found in the fictional WW3 novel "First Clash" by Kenneth Macksey.The premise of the book revolved around the Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group defending its sector in West Germany in the opening days of WW3 against attacking Soviet tank/motor rifle regiments.