Mutant Chronicles Warzone Monopoly Board

No. Seriously. It’s cool.

Mutant Chronicles Warzone Monopoly Board

WarZone Photo Gallery and House Rules

Redjack has an attractive photo gallery of figures from the late, but great Warzone game. I’ve got a ton of those figures myself.

There also are a couple of Warzone scenarios and house rules

WarZone Resurrection Rules

WarZone, in its original incarnation some twenty years ago, was one of my favorite games. I still have substantial painted armies from that era. Then the game went through a series of owners, rules changes, and model changes. Eventually, it died, only to be resurrected by Prodos. That company has the latest version of the WarZone rules free for the downloading.

Warzone – Mutant Chronicles Cheat Sheets

The recent tv movie Mutant Chronicles has me in a mood to take my Warzone figures out of mothballs. Here’s a page with cheat sheets for the Warzone game.

Warzone Rule Sets

Here’s a page with downloads for all the Warzone Rules sets, from First Edition through Ultimate Warzone including the faction books, board games and Fictional Reality rules.