Dark Ages Eye Candy

The Veni Vidi Vici site has some great photos of Dark Ages miniatures. I’m painting a variety of Dark Ages armies and always like to reference other peoples’ painting projects. These are really good.

Viking Painting Guide

Kurtis Brown offers a one-page painting guide to Vikings.

Note: the link above is dead, and an email to Kurtis bounced. So I went to the Wayback Machine and retrieved a copy of the page. It is preserved below for posterity.

Viking Raid Rules

Viking Raid is a set of free wargames rules that uses playing cards for action resolution.

Modeling A Viking Longboat

Here’s a nice video tutorial on making a Viking longboat.

Aegir’s Fire

Aegir’s Fire is a set of rules for a Viking campaign. Author Jim Wallman writes:

In this game, you are a minor Viking village leader (think up a suitable name). You have managed to stretch the village�s resources to the point of building a longship, to the latest and most fashionable design. You will be able to equip and man the ship from your village initially, and dependent upon success or otherwise in your first voyages, you will be able to recruit more experienced fighters from outside the village. Success is measured in two ways, status and treasure.