Building A Pre Dreadnought Battleship From Scratch

Here’s a very involved tutorial on making a pre dreadnought battleship from scratch.

How To Build A Hollow Hull For A Larger Model Ship From Scratch

Wargaming Miscellany has an article on building a hollow hull for a larger-sized model ship.

Scratchbuilding A Pirate Cutter

Paul’s Bods blog has a short series of photo illustrations on how he built a wonderful Pirate Cutter.

Paper Napoleonic Ship Model

Here’s a free paper model of a 1/900 64 gun ship of the line.

Paper Sloop Model

Warartisan is offering a free sample model of the Enterprise, one of the ships that fought on Lake Champlain in 1776. It’s part of paper model ships to go with the free Away Boarders rules for refighting naval battles on the Great Lakes in the 17th and 18th centuries.