Paper Napoleonic Ship Model

Here’s a free paper model of a 1/900 64 gun ship of the line.

Battle of the Yellow Sea Scenario

My friend Jim loves to run dreadnaught era naval miniature wargames. Here’s a good scenario for the Battle of the Yellow Sea from Bill Madison of the Naval Wargames Society.

Pirate Image Archives

Here’s an online gallery with some very good images of pirates, and related documents and maps. I know that the pirate gaming craze has largely subsided, but its one of htose things that I’ve always wanted to to.

Index Card Ships

There are no actual instructions here, but The Penny Whistle has some really neat photos of index card ship models. They should be relatively easy to replicate and look like they could be used in a fun game.

Building A Pre Dreadnought Battleship From Scratch

Here’s a very involved tutorial on making a pre dreadnought battleship from scratch.