Instructions For A Naval Landing Party

Vintage Wargaming has some scans of instructions for 1910 era naval landing parties. It’s a nice look at the world back then — and gave me some interesting ideas for games.

Photographic History of the US Navy

NavSource is an interesting site with photos and stats on hundreds of US navy ships. I spent way too much time browsing here.

Commodore Fighting Sail Card Game

WarpSpawn offers Commodore, a two player card game of Napoleonic fighting sail.

Malta Convoy Dice Game

Malta Convoy is a WWII Simulation of the Allied relief convoy to the British island stronghold of Malta in August 1942.

It looks pretty good, and I think there’s the basis of an interesting campaign game here.

All The Ships Counters

Mike, the Mad Game Designer has produced more than 7,000 ship counters for use in naval wargames. They cover various navies from 1900 to the present.

I’d suggest that you print them out and then glue them to small blocks of wood for a 3-D feel.

An amazing gift to the wargames community.