Ancient Mesopotamia Website

The British Museum has a very nice presentation on the art, culture and …. warfare! … of ancient Mesopotamia.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

The Internet Modern History Sourcebook is an amazing resource for all students of history — which includes, I’d guess, most historical wargamers. I’m constantly amazed at what is available on the internet today. Materials like this would take up many, many square feet of shelfspace in my little study.

Eyewitness To History

The Eyewitness To History site has hundreds of first-hand accounts of major events in history. There is a lot here for games creating wargames scenarios. For example, here is an eyewitness account of the Battle Of Antietam, from David Thompson, a member of the 9th NY Volunteers.

Oliver Cromwell Portal

The Oliver Cromwell Society has a website with basic information on the English Civil War. In light of the growing popularity of Warhammer Historicals’ English Civil War miniature wargaming rules set, this could be useful in filling in some gaps players’ knowledge.