World War III Rules

World War III is a set of free wargames rules for the period “1950 to armageddon.”

Strike Force Hunter Board Game

Strike Force Hunter is a free print-and-play board game were the goal is to capture your opponent’s terrorist, while at the same time, infiltrating your own into his territory.

Leave No Man Behind Somalia 1993 Rules

Leave No Man Behind is a set of free wargames rules for gaming the 1993 Somalia conflict. They are designed as fast-play, with up to 150 figures, including vehicles and helicopters.

Wild In The Streets Skirmish Gang Warfare

Wild In The Streets is a skirmish level game of modern gang warfare.

Battleground Hostile Intentions Board Game

Battleground Hostile Intentions is a free board game for two players. The author writes:

It is the near future. A rebel coup has destabilized a small corner of the world, and border nations are moving in to grab whatever territory they can.

You command the forces of one of those nations. You have established a command center in a section of the country, but you face rivals for control of the area. Now you must build up your command center by erecting defenses and constructing facilities that train soldiers, manufacture weapons, tanks, aircraft and other vehicles.

Achieve victory by destroying your opponents’ command centers or capturing and holding critical objectives located throughout the area.