Rivers For Your Wargames

Iron Hands has a nice illustrated article on his efforts to create a river for a Mordheim tabletop. It’s really neat looking, with a detail density that’s only found in the best of the Games Workshop illustrations.

Building A Thunderhawk Gunship Model

Ironhands has a tutorial on building a Games Workshop type Thunderhawk gunship from styrene and bits of toys. It’s a nice and imaginative scratchbuilding project.

Making Eldar Terrain For Warhammer 40K

Ironhands has a page with tips for creating sufficiently alien Eldar terrain for your Warhammer 40K games.

Wrecked Cars In Plaster

Given all of the Zombie gaming going on these days, there’s bound to be a demand for models of wrecked cars. Terragenesis has an article on making casts of car wreckage in plaster.