Making 28mm Rail Fences

MacPhee’s Miniature Men Blog has a tutorial on making rail fences for your 25mm 28mm wargames.

Clay Molding Tutorial

The Chicago Terrain Factory has a nice little article on building and casting a clay mold.

Building A Coastal For For Your Miniature Wargames

Small World Productions has a blog entry on building a coastal fort for your miniature wargames. It would be perfect for your pirate skirmish games. The result is a very nice looking piece of terrain.

Resin Casting Tutorial

The Ultrawerke Blog has a good tutorial on resin casting. That’s a useful skill to have when you want to make multiples of some part you’ve produced.

Remember. Casting some else’s work is stealing.

Building A 3D Space Hulk

Although it was essentially a rip-off of Aliens, as a game, Space Hulk was one of GW’s best game efforts. Here’s a tutorial on building your own 3-D Modular Hulks.