Building Mad Scientist Labs

Terragenesis has an article on building laboratory equipment for mad scientists. The photos show an amazing use of various household and electronics bits.

Miles Of Barbed Wire

Tim’s Wargaming Blog has a photo tutorial on making “36 Miles of Barbed Wire.”

Making Simple World War II Buildings

Matakishi has some instructions with photos for making World War II era buildings out of sheets of cork.

Making Ice Floe Terrain

Terrain Thralls has a photo tutorial on making terrain that looks like ice floes. They’re cleverly made from foam core, and is intended for Privateer Press’ Warmachine game, but I think it would be spectacular in a variety of fantasy settings. I can also envision a neat Frankenstein vs The Monster scenario.

Using Sculpey To Model Slate

Sculpey is a polymer clay that hardens in the oven at relatively low temperatures. It’s amazing stuff that can be used to create a wide variety of useful things for wargames. Here’s a tutorial on using sculpy to model slate.