Making Small Hills

Here’s a post on making small hills from corkboard. What I want to do is to make a series of terrain tiles from cork. I just need to find a relatively cheap supply of 1 foot square cork tiles.

Making Stepped Judean Hills

The Legends and Legions blog has a set of instructions for making a nice set of stepped hills for a Judean campaign. I’m interested in this because I have Judean, Assyrian and Philistine armies in 28mm.

Making Hills From Cork

Kevin’s Miniatures and Hobby Table Blog has a photo tutorial on making small hills out of cork.

Making A Rocky Hill From Wood Chips

The Maiwand Day blog has a very nice photo essay on making a rocky hill from wood chips. It’s immediately on my project list.

Of Hills And Mountains

The Colonial Wargaming blog has a discussion and photos of various forms of tabletop hills and mountains, from the “rugged” to the “stepped” to the classic General Tremorden Rederring style profile mountains.